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In order to stay at the forefront of the market in today’s business environment, well-planned and executed technology is a key differentiator. The reliance on technology in both business and personal lives requires synchronizing technology with business objectives and strategies. At its core, Ferho’s promise boils down to this: Ferho knows how to integrate technology into a building project, manage that integration, and make certain it improves business functionality. Ferho is supported by an in-house staff of experts in their respective fields and technical disciplines. Our knowledge is extensive and our staff realizes the importance of getting their hands dirty in order to understand how their decisions and designs affect the end product. The combination of experience, education and expertise is used to ensure the technology aspect of a build is completed on-time, in budget and exceeds the expectations of the end users.


  • Technological Competence
    Subject matter experts focused on improving business outcomes
  • Project Management
    Mitigate risk, save time, money and resources
  • Construction Expertise
    Reduce lawsuits, safety-focused, preserve profits


Ferho ensures competent technology integration from initial design to Day 2 support, satisfying stakeholder expectations through the following options:


Our in-house team at Ferho has a solid history with enterprise level firms. Our practice requires providing technology business-use cases to help decision makers. We routinely consult as CIO-for-hire as firms look to expand, merge and adopt new platforms. Our discovery sessions are extremely helpful in providing insight into future direction of the business, which we apply to the management of the technology contracts.


Our team members work directly with multiple architect and engineering firms to provide in-house solutions that give them confidence in a highly competitive arena. Our cumulative experience is based on solving historical business challenges with today’s real time applications; essentially, we vet designs that are accurate to the needs of the company and up to date because we have direct daily experience, ultimately helping the bottom line.


Ferho attends all required meetings especially early in the heavy design phase and act as a reference for technology challenges seen and unforeseen. We augment project management needs by working tightly with the MEP superintendents and other trades and help mitigate risk and lost revenue. We are accustomed to real time changes in the market and our team can help remedy challenges quickly. Our documentation, scheduling assistance and multiple technology sub-contractor oversight provides support that is desperately needed.


In larger metropolitan areas, good sub-contractors are getting the respect they desire; however, as busy as these companies are it is nearly impossible to keep up with the increasing documentation and busy work flowing down from inexperienced construction managers. In some firms the foreman performs the work of three employees. We supplement the PM that is hard to provide due to lack of resources.

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