Save Your Investment with it Project Management

Do you find yourself bogged down with the technology aspect of a build – struggling to ensure that the technology itself, contractors and finished product work together to create a positive end-user experience? You are not alone.

When considering an investment into a new construction project, the stakeholders turn to architects, engineers and consultants, each with their own expert knowledge of a piece of the build. But each niche expertise is only relevant when all of the elements work together. In other words, no niche by itself, no matter how skilled in the field, will create a successful project without the other pieces.

The building industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift – a digital revolution with many technology changes. Even though this technology makes our lives easier, in many ways it makes streamlining for experts even more difficult. It also makes the necessity for a technology expert imperative. Some of the more notable business drivers include:
Millennials, now the largest generation in the work force are concerned with culture, flexibility and purpose

  • Tech savvy users expect all environments to be personal device friendly including the work place, hospitality and entertainment venues
  • Organizations today are required to balance safety and security with user freedoms

Risks are even more present, especially when a digital workflow is relatively new, and that technology is constantly changing. Contractors are responsible to deliver a project on time and budget and are continually fighting slim margins and dwindling skilled labor; assistance to complete these initiatives is welcomed.

Today’s enterprise technology isn’t about software and hardware – it’s about knowledge and competence. It’s the ability to clearly scope and deliver working systems that can integrate and sustain a technology environment that is always in transition. Ferho will handle the project management of the technology aspect of a build. We are technology experts.

If you’re planning a new build or want to discuss how technology can improve your outcomes, Ferho welcomes a conversation.