What We Do

With today’s ever-changing technology, it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes the struggle is managing each individual subcontractor with its own piece to the puzzle. Sometimes it’s making sure all technology works together for a happy end-user. Maybe it’s the risk of cyber-security facing every business today. In this rapidly changing business environment, these risks become more and more of a threat. Depending on your service needs, we take the chaos out of the technology section of a build.  We make one unified system that works together seamlessly, always keeping the security of your investment in mind. At Ferho, we can handle individual services or the entire project from beginning to end. Our intentions are to always put our clients’ goals first. We offer four service options for your project needs.

Discovery & Design Services

This engagement aligns expectations of the stakeholders with technology systems, equipment and processes.  In order to help clients remain competitive, Ferho extrapolates information and produces a right-sized design that is relevant to the business model. We take budget, long-term plans for the business and operations into consideration to design the systems for optimal use, established through user needs and industry specifications.

Project Management

Ferho manages the technology portion of a project through planning, executing, controlling, and closing work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet defined success criteria. We utilize our application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to development activities that meet the project requirements. Mitigating issues as they arise, we provide a single point of contact for the owner and general contractor for all technology related initiatives.

Owner’s Representative

With the stakeholders’ goals in mind, we make sure that the technology on a project properly works together. Brought in from conception, we oversee technology initiatives to ensure that the investment is properly implemented. Through careful consideration of the business goals and budget, we work hand in hand with the stakeholders through post-occupancy to make certain expectations are met and exceeded.

Prime Technology Contractor

With a design-build approach and a focus on interoperability of systems, Ferho fully integrates technology with business objectives by validating expected outcomes and design functionality. Through this approach, we combine the design and implementation process to eliminate many of the change orders, risks, schedule overruns and budget creep affecting projects. The prime relationship provides distinct, delineated responsibilities, clear communication lines and helps facilitate work being delivered on or before schedule.

Ferho is the missing piece to your puzzle

Ferho understands the construction process, timelines and interoperability of technologies required for a successful project. Employing subject matter experts, we deliver on time and budget.  We provide best of breed systems that are appropriately sized and easily integrated, guaranteeing expected outcomes. Ferho is the one-stop shop for technology building needs, which translates into you having the freedom to deliver excellence to your stakeholders. Ferho understands the requirements of each phase of construction and can plan appropriately.  Whether its change order control or budget assistance, we liberate your team to focus on what really matters.